Tuesday, 19 February 2013


So the conversation went something like this:

Luke: I think we should just cut the wires - unwinding them will take forever

Adam : Okay, how are we going to cut them?

Luke: Do you have any bolt cutters or something similar?

Adam: No

Luke: Ummm, okay (thinks and looks around workshop for another tool that might do the job)

Adam: (joins him in thinking and looking around)

Luke: Do you have anything at all that might cut through these wires?

Adam: (thinks again) I have some piano wire cutters - would they do the job?

They did!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The piano

A little bit more information about the piano.

It is from the Victorian period and is made of Burr Walnut with faux painted legs.
It was made in Paris by A.Bord.

Typing A.Bord pianos into Google takes me to a French website that tells us Antione Bord was born in Paris in 1814.

He founded his own factory in 1840 and became the largest French piano manufacturer over the period 1880-1910.

Antoine died in 1888 and his nephew took over the running of the factory. The company Chas. Stiles and Co (who we think were based in London) took over the company in 1905.

In 1925 the company was taken over again by Regy, and then Pleyel who continued to make A.Bord pianos until the sixties.

All interesting stuff - especially as there is a Stiles badge on the top of the piano, which means (I think) that we can narrow down the date of production to 1905-1925. We are no experts though - just patching bits together.

The work begins.

The beginning ............

So this is the story of Luke, Adam and an unloved, worn-out piano.